The courtyard of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is your space for relaxation, walks and sports

The courtyard of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is your space for relaxation, walks and sports

Scientists have conducted research and calculated that a person spends about 90% of their time indoors. We will not try to check or deny these information, because we know exactly that the residents of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence will spend enough time outdoors: walking along the beach, relaxing in the green park, which is located on the territory of the complex, meeting with neighbors on the open areas of the cafe. And, of course, play with children and play sports in the yard of their house.

We understand how important it is for residents to have their own space for leisure, so all the courtyards of the four sections will be closed to outsiders. But we want to say right away - no high and unaesthetic fences. We use original ribbed structures for the fence. Their peculiarity is in details that let light and air pass through, do not block the view from the yard and at the same time make the space safe. The structures will also cover the technical points in the courtyard and emphasize the general concept of the improvement.

We will install parking lots for parking bicycles. They will be located a little further from the recreation area, so they will not interfere with the residents.

On the adjoining territory of each section, we will plant trees, bushes and herbs, and we will also equip four playgrounds that will differ in theme: forest, beach, creative and active. We took into account the variety of games, characters and the main needs of young people from 0 to 8 years old - to explore the world around them and communicate with each other.

Mature pines and dense conifers will be planted on the forest site. Here, the landscape will become a playable element and will create a forest atmosphere for thematic and role-playing games. On the beach area, the game will take place on the border of two imaginary elements: sandy space and moving water. In addition to the basic play elements that children love to play with, we will install a sand table and a faucet with water. Creative playground - a play area where you can draw, sculpt, play on special acoustic elements. Children will run, jump, slide and climb in the active area. The play equipment here fully corresponds to the theme of the children`s zone.

We chose gray and light gray architectural concrete to cover the courtyard, and rubber crumb for the playground. It is soft and therefore safe for active play.

Want to know more about landscaping your courtyard? Click on the link, get acquainted with the concept and visit our sales department. Address of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence: French Boulevard, 63 65.

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