Numerous attractions, charming courtyards and central cities with a character of a modern city is Odessa.

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The city, which has everything for a happy life. Nature, architecture and the most important thing is the sea, on which shore the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is located

≡ Kandinsky 》 Concept of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Feast your eyes on the sea

A good day starts with a meeting with a sea opening out from the terrace of your apartment in the Kandinsky Odessa Residence. A perfect place when sitting with a cup of coffee to observe how the sun wakes up and reflects from a smooth sea surface. You may be alone with your thoughts, enjoy the view and build plans for the day, creating a list of favourite places in the city. Or you may make a breakfast in a circle of close ones to discuss vigorously the latest news, recollect funny stories or have a long dispute over which city is the best in the world. And of course, there will be no doubts what it is one city – Odessa.

Enjoy your rest on the beach

A decision to have a walk along the seafront or to get tanned on a chaise longue is always a good one, even though it is spontaneous. Kandinsky Odessa Residence is located only in a few minutes from the sea, a well-known Trace of Health separates the residential complex from the picturesque city beach. Go down by the lifts, designed for the residents of the Kandinsky Odessa Residence and for all locals, go through the tunnel beautified with decorative mosaic — and you will find yourself on the beach. The wash, gentle breeze and fresh air – what more would you need to spend an unforgettable day?

≡ Kandinsky 》 Concept of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence
≡ Kandinsky 》 Concept of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Walk along Frantsuzkyi Avenue

“Small Paris” — is how one of the main attractions — Frantsuzkyi Avenue – is often called in Odessa. This is the very place you set forward after the sunny beach. And while you are walking along the quiet and shadowy place, do not forget to look around – the Theatre of Musical Comedy, the Odessa Film Studio, the champagne factory, the botanic garden are on Frantsuzkyi Avenue. Each of these places are soaked in history, unbelievable architectural details and hearts of masters having created them.

Make everything in time

Having bought an apartment in the Kandinsky Odessa Residence, you will have enough time to have a date with Odessa. Plan your business negotiations in the centre of the city and while walking there, feast your eyes on a beauty of streets, settle work-related matters while yachting in the sea, and in the evening certainly have a rest by making a romantic dinner on the seafront or on your own terrace.

≡ Kandinsky 》 Concept of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence
≡ Kandinsky 》 Concept of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Enjoy your life

Odessa, first of all, is associated with eternal summer. And to feel its atmosphere, you do not need to wait for a farm season or look for a special occasion. The Kandinsky Odessa Residence has everything for you to enjoy the beauty of the sea and actually enjoy your life.

Be always in the heart of events

All range of city activities are cantered in the Kandinsky Odessa Residence. Restaurants, cafés, night clubs – all are there within walking distance. But to be in the heart of activities, you do not need to leave the residential complex, since conceptual venues with Odessa atmosphere will be on its territory.

≡ Kandinsky 》 Concept of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

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