Як проходить будівництво в KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Перший дайджест сонячного сезону.

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На нашому будівельному майданчику поновлюються роботи.

Працюємо, щоб підтримати Одесу і економіку держави .

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Mode of operation for the period of hostilities

For the period of martial law and active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, work on the construction site KANDINSKY Odessa Residence has been suspended. The site is under heightened round-the-clock security and video surveillance.

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The sales department is closed

Due to the current situation in our country, today the sales department is not working. Additionally, we will inform you about the resumption of work.

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Special conditions for selected apartments

KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is your modern house with parametric architecture and your unique sea view 24/7. Every day you wake up with the sun rising from the sea horizon. Have breakfast on the terrace, admiring the beauty of the water surface, and walk a

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Installment with a down payment of 30% and no rise in price for the entire period

Is it possible to buy apartments in KANDINSKY Odessa Residence by installments? Of course. For each house in our complex, we have developed a convenient payment program.

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Sales department:

  • 63/65 Frantsuzkyi Ave., Odessa
  • Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 20.00
  • Sat - Sun: 10.00 - 18.00