The courtyard of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is your space for relaxation, walks and sports

Scientists have conducted research and calculated that a person spends about 90% of their time indoors. We will not try to check or deny these information, because we know exactly that the residents of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

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Checklist for future residents: how to register ownership of an apartment

You bought an apartment at the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence. How quickly can you get the keys and start repairs? Of course, every investor wants to bring closer the signing of the main contract and become the official owner of the purchased property, but th

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Schedule of the sales department on Independence Day

This weekend you will definitely have enough time for both rest and useful things.

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Features of the improvement of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

The location by the sea, parametric architecture and the avant-garde style of the works of Wassily Kandinsky are the features that became key in the development of the concept for the improvement of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence.

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First section was put into operation!

Open the champagne, now there will be super news. The first section of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence has been put into operation!

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Special offer of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence: upon purchase of a penthouse — parking as a gift

In June, the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence has a special offer for the purchase of penthouses: buying an apartment with full payment, you will receive a parking lot as a gift.

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Sales department:

  • city Odessa 65 Frantsuzkyi Avenue
  • Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 20.00
  • Sat - Sun: 10.00 - 18.00