Reconstruction of the Fairy Tunnel

The fairy tales of my childhood revived in me. I live in the city of art, which means also in the city of fairy tales.

Wassily Kandinsky
Can you imagine life without a fairy tale? Of course, not. For centuries, it has inspired us with vivid images, helping us find the right ways in life. The same can be said about Odessa city: here a fairy tale leads to the sea, and the images of the Fairy Tunnel adorn the descent to the beach for decades and turn it into one of the most famous places.
We want to give it a new life and ensure its active operation, therefore, as part of the improvement of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, we will repair and open the Fairy Tunnel.

We are starting its reconstruction: we will replace the elevators, make lighting and ventilation, restore the decorative mosaics on the walls and, most importantly, we will preserve the image of fairy-tale heroes.
The reconstruction will be an excellent example of the preservation of the unique city values ​​for the citizens of Odessa. Original ornaments, characters familiar from childhood, bright mosaic - will delight everyone who comes here. And walking through the tunnel to the sea will be as comfortable as before.
For over 40 years, the "fabulous" structure has been connecting Frantsuz’kiy Boulevard with the beach, providing a fast and convenient route to it, which will soon be used by everyone.
It will be possible to go down into the tunnel from the open public square of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence using a special elevator



The history of the Fairy Tunnel begins in the 1970s. For a convenient descent to the sea, two elevators were installed here and a tunnel 224 m long and 37.5 m deep was laid. The work took place from 1976 to 1979. The walls of the tunnel were decorated with quotes from the classics about the sea and decorative colored mosaics, mainly with images of the heroes of A.S. Pushkin, thanks to which the tunnel got its name and became a tourist attraction. Today we care about the heritage of the city and do our best to make this place gladden the inhabitants of Odessa and its guests again.

Research results

The first stage of our work was the investigation of the slopes, the tunnel and the elevator shaft.
To assess the bearing capacity of structures and to determine the level of their damage during operation, we turned to the State Research Institute of Building Structures.


After two stages of research, visual and instrumental, the specialists of the institute didn`t find areas that could threaten safety, but fixed what required repair: cracks and local defects in the walls and floors, corrosion of reinforcement, traces of leaks.
Special fasteners of the tunnel in the form of rings (tubing) have deviations from the design position by 10 cm. We will strengthen the reinforced concrete structures with a steel frame, and cover all the seams between them with waterproofing material.

Experts assess the condition of the elevator shaft as satisfactory. The results of the examination showed a number of minor damages that will be fixed during the repair.
Since the tunnel with an elevator is located on the seashore and at the same time in the slope zone, geodetic observations are carried out taking into account possible loads on the structures. The conclusion on the planned-high-altitude position of the tunnel is already ready, but this is one of the stages. At the moment, the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture continues to conduct research.



To descend into the tunnel, we will install two elevators of the Finnish brand KONE. For more than 70 years the company has been operating in the CIS market, and its products - elevators, cranes, excavators and travelators - are in high demand among developers of both residential and commercial real estate and industrial facilities.
The lifting capacity of the elevators in the tunnel will be 1000 kg - at the same time one elevator will be able to transport 13 people.

Number of lifts
Carrying capacity
1000 kg / 13 people
1,6 m/s

Tunnel works

All work in the Fairy Tunnel will be completed together with buildings # 1 and # 2. The results of the examination have already been received, on the basis of which a project for the reconstruction of the descent to the sea has been developed: there are architectural solutions for strengthening structures, electricity, heating and ventilation, and elevators have also been purchased. As already noted, a significant part of the work will focus on the preservation of the decorative mosaics and the renovation of the beach entrance.


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