About the Fairy Tunnel at KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

About the Fairy Tunnel at KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

How can the residents of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence get to the sea? Show the shortcut: from the house, go through the square with a park, art objects, a pond and steam fountains, enter the restaurant building and take the elevator down to the Fairy Tunnel. Just a couple of minutes - and you are on the beach, enjoying relaxation by the water, bask in the sun and breathe the salty air.

We want the residents of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, residents of Odessa and guests of the city to have convenient access to the sea, so we will resume the operation of the Fairy Tunnel and will do our best to preserve its main value - colored mosaics and drawings of fairytale characters on the walls.

We will replace the old elevators in the tunnel and install two new Finnish KONE brands. The fastenings of the tunnel, which have changed their design position during the operation, will be reinforced with steel sheets and we will eliminate all cracks and defects on the walls and floor of the tunnel, the elevator hall and the elevator shaft.

We will completely carry out the work on the power supply and install new LED lamps. To maintain an optimal microclimate and ventilate the passage, we will lay new heating and ventilation networks.

We have carried out the necessary studies of the slopes, the tunnel and the elevator shaft, so all repairs will be carried out in accordance with the conclusions of the experts.

We are waiting for the opening of the Fairy Tunne and do our best for this!

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