Features of the improvement of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Features of the improvement of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

The location by the sea, parametric architecture and the avant-garde style of the works of Wassily Kandinsky are the features that became key in the development of the concept for the improvement of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence.

Together with the designers of the Kotsiuba studio, we will create a comfortable space not only for residents, but also for guests of the residence. The territory will be open to all comers and will be an excellent place to relax. At the entrance to the complex, we will arrange a cozy park, and between the houses we will create a public space with a pond, steam fountains and art objects, but first things first.


Let`s start with the park, as it will be the first to meet the residents and guests of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence.

In front of the houses on the side of French Boulevard there is an architectural monument - the Brun dacha. We preserve the existing values ​​of this space: two houses of the architect Felix Gonsiorovsky and mature trees next to them, as well as equip a square - an open space with green spaces, benches and lighting.

A guest parking with trees is located between the landscaping of the boulevard and the park.

Public space

During the construction of our complex, we constantly refer to the works of Kandinsky, therefore, each object on the territory is perceived through the prism of colors and forms that the artist used in his paintings.

We divided the entire public space of the complex into zones of different geometric shapes: the main walking route from the entrance is a straight line, a circle is the square in the center of the courtyard, where we will install steam fountains with colored lighting. Our square is cut by a triangular zone with a pond and an amphitheater - a staircase that will lead to the roof of the restaurant.

At the entrance to the complex, we will install colored decorative cubes. They will be at different distances from each other and, in the future, will create an entrance arch. Entering the territory of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence and coming closer and closer to the cubes, it will seem that they disintegrate into separate fragments and are in the air.

Another art object at the entrance will be a tall bench in the form of a wave. The designers were also inspired to create it by paintings by Wassily Kandinsky.

The public space will be closed from cars. For cars, there is an underground parking and a guest parking in the common area.


The courtyard is a private territory of residents, so it will be closed to outsiders. We are against high and solid fences, so we use transparent fences. Their trick is in the details in the form of dotted lines, they let light and air through, do not block the view from the yard and at the same time make the space safe.

In the courtyard, we will install bicycle parking, plant trees, bushes and grass, and equip playgrounds. Four houses - four playgrounds. Each has its own topic:

  • forest - an area with mature pines and dense coniferous stands. Here, the landscape becomes a game element, immerses you in a fantasy world and creates a forest atmosphere for thematic and role-playing games.
  • beach area - here the game will take place on the border of two imaginary elements: sandy space and moving water.
  • creative playground - a play area where you can draw, sculpt, play on special acoustic elements.
  • a mobile playground where small residents can run, jump, ride a slide, climb. The play equipment here will fully correspond to the theme of this children`s area.

Each site provides for active and less active participation. Active - for games of children 3+, less active - for games of children 0+ and the rest of other residents.

The improvement of the territory will be a continuation of the general concept of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence. Here you can relax in the shade of trees, stroll through the grounds and enjoy the modern architecture of the houses.

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