Open public space KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is a new place for walking in Odessa

Open public space KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is a new place for walking in Odessa

What determines the happiness of a person? Many factors, but we know for sure that one of its components is new acquaintances and life among like-minded people.

The neighborhood is one of the ten most popular places for new contacts, according to a follower of positive psychology on the Happier Human blog.

At KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, we try to open up as many opportunities as possible to improve the quality of life of our residents and provide them with a society of like-minded people - one of our tasks.

Therefore, our projects are open to new people who share our values.

When developing the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, we found a balance between the private territory of our residents and the public area, which will become a favorite place for both Odessa residents and guests of the city.

The courtyard is a semi-private space for residents, the territory is closed to outsiders by an original fence made of special ribbed structures that let in light and air, do not block the view from the courtyard and make the space safe.

An open public space is a place for meeting friends, walking and shopping. Numerous storefronts on the ground floors will attract residents of Odessa from different districts and guests of the city. Steam fountains, a park, an amphitheater staircase and a park will become one of the most popular places in Odessa. On the summer grounds of the cafe, you can relax after the promenade, work with a laptop, hold a business or personal meeting.

Through the public square, residents and guests of Odessa will be able to descend into the Fabulous Tunnel and go to the beach.

Do you want to know more about the improvement of the territory of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence? Click on the link, check out the concept and visit our sales department for details.

Address of KANDINSKY Odessa Residence: Franzusky Boulevard, 6365.

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