Invest in real estate by the sea!

Invest in real estate by the sea!

If you plan to purchase the real estate for rent or resale, the apartments at the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is a good option for investment.

The primary advantage of the residence is its location. The KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is located on 63/65 Frantsuzkyi Avenue, just in 10 minutes to Deribasovskaya Street and in 5 minutes to the well-known beach of Odessa – Kaleton beach. We have also taken into account this feature while designing the buildings, that is why a picturesque view of the sea will be seen out of the windows of all apartments.

In the place where the action is and where business develops, the apartments are in demand not only in the summer season, but also in a cold period of the year. This is the very reason why busy infrastructure will become one of the key features of the residence. We have envisaged commercial premises for restaurants of haute cuisine, boutiques, beauty-centres, conference halls, business hotels at the ground floors of the buildings. They will be attended not only by the residents, but also by the Odessites – the adjacent territory will be open to all guests, and modern public spaces will become a comfortable place for their rest. We have though over a convenient access to the sea that will also increase pedestrian flows.

It is more beneficial to purchase the real estate in the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence on the construction stage. Starting from the day of the sales launch, the cost of the apartments has increased by 19%, and after commissioning of the buildings, residents moving into and launching of the municipal facilities, an anticipated increase of the price will amount to 50%.

By renting out an apartment, the profit will be about 8,8-9,1% per year, and the pay-back period will be 11 years.

You may get more information about the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence at our Sales Department at the following address: 65 Frantsuzkyi Avenue or by telephone (048) 752 89 21.

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