Trace of Health is the best place for sports activities near KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Trace of Health is the best place for sports activities near KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Each person has its own reason to fall in love with Trace of Health: someone is impressed with its size – the trace length is over 5 km, someone is deeply in love with the opportunities for active sports, and someone, contrarily, finds something peaceful and tranquilizing in it – zones for recreation are equipped here, with no cars. But we are sure that its location by the sea often is decisive.

Trace of Health in Odessa is a picturesque pathway for taking exercises. It goes along the sea, connecting Lanzheron and Arcadia beaches. This is an ideal place for morning runs in the open air, riding a bicycle, skating or roller skating – separate tracks are equipped for each kind of sport. Complexes of horizontal bars, parallel bars, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis tables, kids’ zones are located on Trace of Health – and it is only within a few minutes’ walk from the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence.

Choosing apartments in the residence, you will always be in a good shape, since here are all conditions for that. Besides Trace of Health, there are Sport Life, Strong Jane, Body Target sport club, EBSH Odessa sport hub are located near the Frantsuzkyi Avenue. Fitness and spa-centres will also be located on the territory of the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence. 

During the construction of the Residence, SAGA Development will accomplish the improvement of the part of the Yubileiny Park, which borders the Kandinsky Odessa Residence and through which the Health Route passes. In May this year, the company held a workshop "Odessa slopes", in which local residents, architects, sociologists, designers and urbanists took part.

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