Checklist for future residents: how to register ownership of an apartment

Checklist for future residents: how to register ownership of an apartment

You bought an apartment at the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence. How quickly can you get the keys and start repairs? Of course, every investor wants to bring closer the signing of the main contract and become the official owner of the purchased property, but this moment is preceded by a number of mandatory procedures. Let`s describe them.

1. In order to begin the procedure for registering ownership, your house must receive a certificate of commissioning.

2. After putting the house into operation, we submit documents for assigning a postal address to the object.

3. Next, you need to sign an additional agreement in which we will fix the room number and its area in accordance with the technical passport.

4. We carry out the final calculation. For example, if after measurements the actual footage turns out to be large, the investor must pay additional square meters, if less, the investor returns the rest.

5. After settling financial issues and receiving a certificate of one hundred percent payment, the package of documents is transferred to the registrar-notary.

6. The next step is to register the ownership of the investor.

7. One of the mandatory stages is also the conclusion of an agreement between the investor and the management company.

8. After concluding a contract and familiarizing himself with the rules for carrying out repair work, the investor receives the keys and can begin repairs in his apartment.

If you have any questions, you can contact the service department by phone (044) 494 04 00.

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