Promotional terms of installment plan in KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

In summer, only talk about vacation, sea and a cool cocktail on a sunny beach. How about living near the sea not only during the hot season? In KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, it is enough to spend only 5 minutes to walk to Kaleton Beach and feel the salty taste of the sea air. And in order to purchase an apartment, it is enough to use the promotional terms of the installment plan

When buying an apartment in house number 3, you pay the first 50% of the amount immediately, the remaining 50% - at the end of the year after the house is put into operation. For this period, the cost of your apartment will be fixed. Another advantage of the installment plan is a 7% discount on the first payment.

For house No. 4, payments for apartments will be divided into three parts: 50% of the cost you pay immediately, 25% after the commissioning of the 3rd house and another 25% after the commissioning of the 4th house. The price is also fixed for the entire period and a 7% discount for the first installment is kept.

If a longer payment period suits you, we suggest using the balance installment plan for 12 months and without an increase in price. The first 50% of the cost of the apartment you pay immediately, and the second half is distributed over the year as follows:

  • 2 months you pay 2% of the remaining amount,
  • 2 months — 3% each,
  • 4 months — 4% each,
  • 4 months — 6% each.

For more information about the new conditions for buying apartments in the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, please contact the sales department. Call us at (048) 752 89 20 or write in instant messengers.


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