Three instalment payment options or promotional offer payment? Choose more convenient terms!

For those who see the goal and no obstacles, the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence has prepared the most favourable conditions for the purchase of apartments. This spring we offer to purchase real estate by the sea at a reduced rate or by instalments. Choose what is more convenient for you!

 Purchase an apartment at promotional dollar rate

For the clients who will purchase apartments and make a one hundred percent payment, the price will be calculated at the promotional dollar exchange rate – UAH 25.00. Under currency fluctuation conditions, this option is one of the best for saving and multiplying funds.

 Choose one of the instalment options

If, when purchasing an apartment, you choose payment in instalments, the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence offers new instalment terms – in US dollars and UAH.

Payment by installments in dollars:

  • first payment - from 30%,
  • grace period without rise in price - 6 months,
  • appreciation of the balance - 9.9% per annum,
  • fair distribution of risks in the event of a rise in the dollar by more than 10%.


By choosing installments in UAH, you can use the following conditions:

  • first payment - from 50%,
  • payment period up to 18 months,
  • increase in the balance - 14.9% per annum,
  • payments in UAH without pegging to the dollar.


We have another beneficial option of instalment payment in UAH:

  •       down payment – from 50%;
  •       fixed price in UAH;
  •       0% rise in prices;
  •       payment period – 3 months.


To find more details about the new terms of purchasing apartments in the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, visit the Sales Department. Call us at (048) 752 89 20 or write us in messengers.

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