Finnish Kone Elevators Were Chosen for KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Finnish Kone Elevators Were Chosen for KANDINSKY Odessa Residence

Do you know the average speed of a passenger elevator in a new building? It usually reaches one meter per second. For KANDINSKY Odessa Residence, we have chosen the best elevators of the Kone brand of the NMonoSpace series manufactured in 2020. Their speed is a bit higher – 1.5 meters per second, so the residents of our houses will not feel the movement and will not notice the time during which they will move up or down to their floor.

Finnish Kone elevators are made in the city of Espoo.

Each house will have two passenger elevators of 630 kg and one freight elevator of 1000 kg, the cabin of which can accommodate 13 people at a time.

In the event of a power outage, the elevator will safely bring passengers to the first floor. An important difference of Kone elevators is low electricity consumption.

All elevators in KANDINSKY Odessa Residence are quiet and stop at the slightest need.

Every elevator is equipped with emergency lighting and fire extinguishing pumps, the operation of which is ensured by an uninterruptible power supply network with a diesel generator set.

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