Serebriakova Hall was opened after reconstruction and is welcoming visitors!

Serebriakova Hall was opened after reconstruction and is welcoming visitors!

The half-ruined external walls, the damaged light lantern on the roof and the leaking roof – this is how the small Serebriakova Hall of the Odessa Art Museum looked like at the end of last year. Due to long-term absence of repair there were no proper conditions for maintenance of the pictures, among which there were early works of Wassily Kandinsky, Zinaida Serebriakova and Nikolai Roerich. To remedy the situation and support the art, the painter of Odessa, after whom the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence was named, the Perfect Group and SAGA Development joint the reconstruction of the hall.

At present time the facade of the premises is repaired and a new tempered glass for the light lantern is installed. Now a lot of natural light enters into the hall setting off the details of some pictures. The perimeter of the floor has been equipped with illumination for lighting of the premises in the evening.

To protect the facade from rainwater, the drain system of the building has been renovated, the new pavement has been made and the sidestep has been constructed.

During presentation of the repaired hall director of the museum Oleksandr Roitburd expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in its reconstruction and told about further plans of work. One of them is renaming of the hall after Wassily Kandinsky. In the nearest time its exposition will include more pictures of the painter of Odesa.

Also, in the longer term the museum will create a hall of modernist style.

Very soon the residents of Odesa and visitors of the city will be able to contemplate a renewed exhibition and be inspired by the works of great artists.


Photo: Dumskaya

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