KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is being constructed in full compliance with law.

KANDINSKY Odessa Residence is being constructed in full compliance with law.

The KANDINSKY Odessa Residence on 63/65 Frantsuzskyi Boulevard in Odessa is being constructed legally and in full compliance with the project for which all necessary permits have been issued, according to the developers Perfect Group, Citex Development and SAGA Development in response to the information about the criminal proceeding initiated by the State Bureau of Investigation with regard to the use of a land site allegedly not for its intended purpose.

On January 14, 2015, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning issued urban planning terms and restrictions for the site on 63/65 Frantsuzskyi Boulevard in Primorskiy district of Odessa. This document served the basis for the development project; a positive conclusion on the design documentation was received. In addition, a permit for the construction of a health resort complex consisting of four 21-story buildings and a parking space was issued. “This very project is now being implemented under the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence brand”, the developers said in a statement.

The sanatorium and health resort function as part of the project will be represented not only by apartments and a hotel for relaxation, but also by a detox clinic, a fitness centre with spa and its own park.

“The criminal proceeding was initiated on the basis of the investigator’s allegation of the sale of apartments. This information is not true. We are sure that a thorough verification by the State Bureau of Investigation of the documentation of the construction project owner, namely Odesainvestbud LLC, will settle this misunderstanding. Our position is clear and transparent, we are open to the media and the public, and are ready to answer any questions if necessary”, the press service said.

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